• Work in a team environment
  • Perform clinical rotations with area ambulance services and emergency departments (if available)
  • Become a junior member of an area ambulance service


The EMT Program is a one year course.  In this program, students will learn how to treat sick and injured patients in the emergency setting.  The course consists of both didactic and psychomotor skills. The students will learn how to safely respond to and treat patients that may be experiencing medical emergencies such as strokes, heart attacks, COPD, and allergic reactions, to name a few. They will also learn to treat victims of traumatic events such as motor vehicle crashes, falls, and environmental emergencies to name a few. The student will learn to properly use an array of medical equipment found on ambulances.

Prerequisite: Must be 16 years of age by October 1.


  • EMT – B License

Concurrent Enrollments

  • Eastern Maine Community College (5.5 Credits)
    • EMS 123 07 CE – Emergency Medical Technician-Basic

Cocurricular Opportunities

  • SkillsUSA
    • EMT
    • First/Aid CPR
    • Medical Terminology

Business Connections

We are supported by the Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo County Emergency Services (EMS, Fire, EMA, and area Hospitals).

Potential Careers

  • EMT
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Industrial Medic
  • Offshore Medic
  • Emergency Dispatcher
  • Emergency Room Technician
  • Contract medic
  • Biological Technician
  • Crime Lab Technician
  • Health Information Technician
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Flight Paramedic
  • Veterinarian Technician