Thank you for your interest in becoming a student at the Mid-Coast School of Technology. Please review this page thoroughly before filling out the application. If you have questions about Mid-Coast School of Technology, please contact us to learn more.

Students interested in applying to Mid-Coast School of Technology for fall admission must go through the appropriate stages of the process. Space in programs is limited and the completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance. 


APPLY: Fill out the application by March 17th to be given first consideration. Contact Mid-Coast or the School to Career Coordinator at your partner school for assistance if needed.


INTERVIEW AND PROGRAM SHADOW: Contact your School to Career Coordinator or School Counselor to set up a program shadow. Interviews will either be conducted during your shadow or at your partner school. Current Mid-Coast students will be contacted to interview during their school day. 


COURSE REGISTRATION: During course registration at your partner school you will need to sign up for Mid-Coast. Applications received after the March 17th deadline, may limit the student’s opportunity for admission.  


ACCEPTANCE: For applications received by March 17th, notification letters will be sent out on or before May 26th. For late applications/interviews and non-region students, notification letters will be sent out June 30th.

Acceptance is contingent on the successful completion of the previous academic year. 

Admissions Standards

Mid-Coast School of Technology has published Admission Standards per M.R.S.A. 20-A § 8305-A.

  1. Priority for admission is given to students from the Region 8 sending high schools based on available number of slots for each school as designated by the Student Services Coordinator.
  2. Slots that are not filled by May 1st through the Student Services Coordinator will become available to other sending school students for enrollment into Region 8 programs.
  3. Post-grad students who have been enrolled in a Region 8 program as an undergrad will be considered for enrollment in the year immediately following graduation provided their age is 19 or under at the beginning of the school year, is recommended by their undergrad instructor, and slots are available in the program after enrollment of all Region 8 sending school students.
  4. All students must meet the minimum grade level and pre-requisite requirements found in the Region 8 program guidelines.
  5. Region 8 may enroll students in a CTE program provided the placement does not prevent the enrollment of secondary or post-grad students described in items 1-3 above. An appropriate tuition to be determined by the Director will be charged. Prior to admission, prospective students must complete a satisfactory background check.