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    • 1. What programs are available for adults?

      Please check out offerings from our Adult Education program, KVCC, and UMA Rockland.

    • 2. Can Mid-Coast work on a project for me?

      Many of the programs at Mid-Coast will accept Applied learning projects. Applied learning projects performed by students are for the sole purpose of instruction and must meet the educational objectives of the program’s curriculum. Please see our policy on Applied Learning Projects for more information. If you would like to submit a request, please visit the Contact Us page and select “Work Request”.

    • 3. How many students attend Mid-Coast?

      Mid-Coast has around 325 students on campus in our 18 CTE programs and another 200 students in satellite programs at our partner schools. On a daily basis, there are 150-175 students in our building.

    • 4. Can I donate equipment/vehicle to Mid-Coast?

      Mid-Coast does accept donations.  Please review our policy on donations here.  Mid-Coast School of Technology does not return documentation assigning a value to any donation received.  Please visit the Contact Us page and select “Other”.

    • 5. What ages attend Mid-Coast?

      Mid-Coast provides career and technical educational opportunities for high school students.  Generally 9th grade students can take the CTE Exploratory class at their high school. Starting in the 10th grade, students can apply for a program at the main campus in Rockland. Mid-Coast also works collaboratively with other schools in the region to provide middle school career and technical educational opportunities.

    • 6. Can I attend Mid-Coast after I have graduated from high school?

      Yes, postgraduate students may apply for Mid-Coast programs. However, priority is given to high school students. Postgraduate students will remain waitlisted until Fall of the academic year. Most of our programs have been full in the past several years, so we encourage postgraduates to explore other options including those offered by our Adult Ed program.

    • 7. What do the programs at Mid-Coast cost?

      These programs are free of charge to all high school students within the Mid-Coast School of Technology region.

    • 8. What transportation is available?

      Our partner schools provide transportation to Mid-Coast. Please contact your local school district for more information.

    • 9. Can a homeschooled or private school student attend?

      Yes, Mid-Coast accepts students who attend a private school or are homeschooled. Students should apply using our online application. Students who are accepted will need to register for their Mid-Coast program through their local public school.

    • 10. When can I apply?

      Applications will be available online each year by February 1st. More details about the application process can be found on our website under Apply.

    • 11. What schools attend Mid-Coast?
      • Camden Hills Regional High School
      • Islesboro Central School
      • Medomak Valley High School
      • Oceanside High School
      • North Haven Community School
      • Vinalhaven High School
      • Private Schools
      • Homeschool
    • 12. Is breakfast and lunch served?

      Yes! Breakfast and Lunch are provided to all high school students for free.

    • 13. Can I post a job for the students in your programs?

      Yes. Please visit the Contact Us page and select “Post Help Wanted”. It is helpful if you can send us a flyer and details.

    • 14. How many academic classes can a student take?

      A student enrolled in a full time program can take no more than one academic course during that time.  However, academic courses are unavailable to students enrolled in: CNA, Medical Science, and Outdoor Leadership. Students may, in special circumstances, be approved to attend Mid-Coast full-time and take additional academic classes.