Title IX and Affirmative Action

Title IX

It is the policy of Region 8 not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ancestry or national origin, age (for employment), genetic information (for employment), or disability, in its educational programs and its employment practices. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination.

School employees, fellow students, volunteers, visitors to the school, and other persons with whom students may interact in order to pursue or engage in education programs and activities, are required to refrain from such conduct.

For policies regarding Affirmative Action and Title IX, please visit our Policies page.

To review our school’s training materials, please refer to the following PDF: A New Era of Title IX – Module 1-4 Training Materials

Title IX Coordinator: Kristy Hastings, Student Services ~ khastings@mcst8.org (207) 594-2161 x216

Affirmative Action

The school has designated and authorized Affirmative Action Officers who are responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal and state requirements relating to nondiscrimination, including sexual harassment. The Affirmative Action Officers are staff with direct access to the Director.

The school has implemented complaint procedures for resolving complaints of discrimination/harassment and sexual harassment under this policy.  The school provides required notices of these complaint procedures and how they can be accessed, as well as the school’s compliance with federal and state civil rights laws and regulations to all applicants for employment, employees, students, parents and other interested parties.

Click here for a link to Region 8’s Affirmative Action Plan.

Affirmative Action Officers:

Scott Browning, Assistant Director ~ sbrowning@mcst8.org (207) 594-2161 ext 147

Sherry Moody, Business Manager ~ smoody@mcst8.org (207) 594-2161 ext 102