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Request to Administer Medication

Instructions for Parents/Guardians for Authorization of Medication
It is the policy of Region 8 that only essential medications will be administered to students
in school. Whenever possible, the schedule of medication administration should enable a
student to receive all prescribed doses at home.

If it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, the school nurse or
other trained person will administer the medication in accordance with the following:

  1. Complete the Request to Administer Medication in School form (below) and return it to the
    school office with the medication. A physician’s prescription (current prescription
    label or signed note) will be required for prescription drugs and may be required for
    over the counter drugs.
  2. Send the medication to the school office in an original, unbreakable pharmacy bottle
    with a current pharmacy label properly labeled with the name of the medication,
    date, dosage, time(s) to be administered, and the name of the student who is to
    receive it.
  3. Medication sent to school should not exceed the dosage for one day unless prior
    arrangements have been made with the school nurse.
  4. Refer to the Region 8’s Administration of Medication to Students Policy (JLCD) as
    necessary or call the school nurse who serves your child’s school.