Machine Tool

  • Use a lathe to: thread, turn diameters inside and outside, and tapers
  • On the milling machine cut slots, grooves, angles along with drilling and tapping
  • Learn CNC (computer numerical control) machining on the mill and lathe


Gears, nuts, bolts, screws form the basis of machines, and the Machine Tool program is designed to teach students how to use and make parts. Students experience that Machine Tool is the heart of manufacturing. Learn how to use tools and machines to shape, create and form metal into functioning pieces of machinery. The course also prepares students for post secondary education or to directly enter the workforce.


National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS)

Concurrent Enrollments

  • Central Maine Community College (2 Credits)
    • PMT 111 40 – Precision Machining Course in Lathes
  • Southern Maine Community College (5 Credits)
    • MACH 105 – Basic Machine Theory

Cocurricular Opportunities

  • SkillsUSA
    • Precision Machining (manual)
    • CNC Mill Tech
    • CNC Lathe Tech

Business Connections

Potential Careers

  • CNC Machinist
  • Gear Machinist
  • Machine Repair Person
  • Machinist
  • Maintenance Machinist
  • Manual Lathe Machinist
  • Production Machinist
  • Tool Room Machinist
  • Tool & Die Maker
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic