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Mid-Coast Students Connect with Local Youth

Most students spend their breaks playing video games, sports, or socializing with friends.  Several students from Mid-Coast School of Technology spent some of their vacation time at school to teach local Pre-K to 6th grade students about what they do at Mid-Coast.  

Mid-Coast hosted approximately 36 students from the A.C.E. program in RSU 40 over April Break to do an activity that exposed students to Carpentry and Pre-Engineering.  Students in Carpentry II designed and prototyped a small construction activity that mimics a Japanese Style Toolbox that is one of the first projects they make in Carpentry I.  The Carpentry I students then pre-cut and drilled all of the boards to be ready for the youngsters.  Each box was then laser engraved with each student’s name and the Mid-Coast and A.C.E. logos.  

Carpentry teacher, Julian Stearns, and several students showed up to help all of the students through the activity.  Caprenty students Zach Reed and Nathan Gess and Pre-Engineering students Steven Wheeler and Jacob Barstow joined to assist through the assembly process as well.  Both Reed and Wheeler are from A.C.E. students themselves. After the boxes were built students were able to tour Mid-Coast School of Technology. 

Thanks to the MELMAC Grant all of the students were also provided with a measuring tape and carpenter’s pencil to start filling their toolbox.  Feedback from A.C.E. and parents of A.C.E. students were positive and one of their children’s’ favorite activities over their April Vacation.