Car Show Postponed
2023 CO2 Dragster Competition

For the second year in a row students in the CTE Exploratory programs at Camden Hills, Medomak Valley, and Oceanside High Schools have come to Mid-Coast School of Technology to compete in a CO2 Dragster event.  

CTE Exploratory hands-on, project-based program that helps students develop specific academic, career, interpersonal and technical skills. Students experience parts of full-day Mid-Coast programs through projects that utilize principles of engineering, power tools, basic carpentry, simple machines, graphic design, basic electronics and other fundamental content.  Most students enrolled in the program are either freshmen or sophomores with intentions to attend a full time program in the future. 

Leading up to the full day event students designed and built their cars to a specification given by the CTE Exploratory teachers. Due to the volume of students initial trials were held at the respective high schools and only the top cars qualified for the final round at Mid-Coast School of Technology.  

Approximately a dozen students from each of the CTE Exploratory programs were in attendance for the competition.  Each student and their car were judged in categories of Specification Evaluation, Construction Evaluation, Design Interview, and Speed. Judges for the event were industry volunteers from the Program Advisory Committee.  Volunteers were Jason Constantine from Backcove Yachts, Rick Nelson and Andrew Hankenmeyer of Knickerbocker Group, Greg Caruso from the Landing School, Bethany Hatt from Northern Penobscot Tech, Nic LaBreck from JMG, Jonathan Egan from Lyman Morse, Calvin Wilson from KVCC, and Maida Cordero from Medomak Valley High School. 

This event is sponsored by The MELMAC Education Foundation and in partnership with Lyman Morse, Backcove Yachts, and Knickerbocker Group. 

Grand Prize- Overall Points Winners:

1st: Austin Wilshire #28 MVHS

2nd: Evan Morse #3 OHS

3rd: Gavin Campbell #13 CHRHS

Race Winners:

1st: Gavin Campbell #13 CHRHS

2nd: Evan Morse #3 OHS

3rd: Austin Wilshire #28 MVHS

4th: Garrett Hall #20 CHRHS

Construction Award (PAC members award): Blake Feltis #26 MVHS

Design Award (PAC members award):  James Breda #18 CHRHS

Student Choice Award Medomak Valley HS:

Blake Feltis #26

Student Choice Award Camden Hills Regional HS:

James Breda #18

Student Choice Award Oceanside HS:

Jackson Russomano #8

Professionalism Award:

Diana Parker #5 OHS

Professionalism Honorable Mentions:

James Breda #18 CHRHS

Austin Wilshire #28 MVHS

Sam Gorman #2 OHS

Ward Morrison #19 CHRHS

Braydon Bowden #1 OHS