Baking & Pastry Provides CTE Activities for Local Childcare Program

The students in Baking & Pastry have been gaining experience in mass production in the baking industry. Teacher, Steven Watts, collaborated with a local childcare program, ACE to provide opportunities for Mid-Coast students to produce large quantities of items while also providing students within the region hands-on activities related to the program at Mid-Coast. 

In November students made sugar cookie kits for ACE.  Each child would receive a kit that contained a set of cookies, colored icings, and decorative sprinkles.  This introductory activity was the first for Mid-Coast Baking & Pastry students, needing to only create 35 of the kits.  Thirty-five kids from Waldoboro, Warren, and Union were able to participate in the activity on the region wide workshop day on November 21, 2022.

In December, the request came in larger quantities as the next activity would be used in an afterschool activity at each of the Waldoboro, Warren, and Union sites including all of their students. The Baking & Pastry program was tasked to create mini gingerbread houses for each of the 70 kids.  The houses were pre-built and included a container of icing and a special mix of decorative candies.  

ACE was very appreciative of the activities for the kids.  They posted to their Facebook page many photos and videos of “thank yous” to the program.  Mid-Coast and ACE will be continuing the collaboration working with the Carpentry program to provide activities for their students in February.