CTE-Exploratory Bridge Contest

CTE-Exploratory is an introductory program found on the campuses of Camden Hills, Medomak Valley, and Oceanside High Schools.  Aimed at 9th and 10th graders, the course covers at least 10% of at least four programs to which Mid-Coast School of Technology offers.  While taught on the three high school campuses, the teachers are CTE teachers from Mid-Coast who while focusing on the CTE standards also strive to prepare students for a full time program on the Rockland campus later in their high school careers. Even though each campus offers CTE-Exploratory, each course is differentiated based on the experience and skillset of the teacher.  However, there are some activities that span across the region wide program.  

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In December the CTE-Exploratory students, their teachers, and support staff descended upon the Rockland campus to test their bridge builds.  Students were given a predetermined amount of time, materials, and design specifications for their team builds.  Bridges were built at their partner schools but brought to Mid-Coast for their testing.  Each build was measured and inspected by the three CTE-Exploratory teachers, Nora Wilson (MVHS), David Filsinger (OHS) and Bryan McCarthy (CHRHS).  How well the students’ builds met specifications went into a composite overall score. Also included in the composite score was how much weight the bridge held.  

Bridge winners were as follows:

1st Place: Ward Morrison and Garrett Hall (CHRHS) with an efficiency of 271.46

2nd Place:  James and Oden (CHRHS) with an efficiency of 188.30

3rd Place:  Blake Hicks, Sam Gorman, Evan Morse, (OHS) with an efficiency of 166.73

To round out the full day event all students from throughout the region ate lunch together.  After lunch students were broken up into groups and took tours throughout the school. Lunch and the prizes awarded to the winners were sponsored by the MELMAC Education Foundation.