Fall Fest 22
Pictured is the Welding 2 class with the Fall Fest Trophy.

Each year Mid-Coast School of Technology holds events to build camaraderie and school spirit.  Since students attend from throughout the region and many different schools it is a way to get students within programs and between programs to collaborate towards a common goal. This year Mid-Coast held a Fall Fest.  Events included dress up days, a trivia contest, and a Scarecrow building contest.  

Classes had a week to build a Scarecrow using tools and materials from their program.  Each Scarecrow was unique and very well thought out. Some were funny and some were scary.  But every one took a team effort and students took a lot of pride in their creations. The winning program for this year’s Scarecrow Contest was Welding & Fabrication. 

At the end of the week there was a trivia contest held at lunchtime.  Students could form teams of six to participate in the contest containing questions about Mid-Coast’s history, the staff, programming, and college and career data.  Baking & Pastry created prize boxes for each member of the top three teams in each lunch. 

On the last two days of Fall Fest, leading up to Halloween, there were dress up days. Students and staff were encouraged to dress up, with the top three best dressed of each day earning prizes. The best dressed were determined by popular vote during the school day. 

All prizes were sponsored by the MELMAC Education Foundation.