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2022 SkillsUSA Nationals

SkillsUSA has begun to return to normal in 2022. Mid-Coast School of Technology had two teams eligible to participate in the 2022 National Leadership and Skills Conference this year, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. Annually, approximately 15,000 people attend the conference making up students, teachers, colleges, and industry partners.  Students compete at the high school and postsecondary levels in various competitions. 

This year Mid-Coast sent a team for Health Knowledge Bowl and Interactive Application and Video Game Design. Both teams earned Gold at the Maine State Competition in March earning their spot in Atlanta.

The Interactive Application and Video Game Design team was made up of Will Jurewitz and Enzo Russillo.  Both students have been in the Design Technology program for the past two years.  The pair finished 4th in the nation for their contest.

The Health Knowledge Bowl team of four is comprised of Brady Wadsworth, Emily Knutson, Katelynn Colbry, and Joe Coffey.  All students are seniors finishing their year at Mid-Coast.  Emily is a first year student taking CNA, and earned her Certification.  Katelynn and Brady are both second year students having taken Medical Science their junior year and then CNA this past year with Emily.  Both also earned their CNA Certification.  Joe is a first year student enrolled in the EMT program. The group of four came together and collaborated to earn 4th place in the county for Health Knowledge Bowl.