Car Show Postponed
Students Plow Through Fisher Welding Contest
Caden Gurney talks with Austin Bean of Fisher Enginering.

In January, Mid-Coast School of Technology hosted Fisher Engineering and Douglas Dynamics in the Welding & Fabrication program to teach students the types of welds needed in their sector of the industry.  A team from Fisher Engineering, including welders Alex Fowles and Austin Bean as well as senior HR representative Mary Watson, arrived first thing in the morning for set up.  They brought with them a variety of parts that would be welded together to produce parts for their well known plows.  Additionally, they brought a Fisher truck, a sign for the Welding shop, some swag, and custom trophies for the winners of the competition.  

Alex and Austin set up various stations with different tasks for students to complete during the day.  Both first and second year students had a day to work with Fisher. Over the course of the two days students performed a variety of MIG welds.  Although first year students have had a very limited experience with MIG so far, they stepped up and used their previous knowledge of Stick welding to complete the MIG welds.  Alex and Austin also brought diagrams and blueprints to have the students read and determine their next welds.  

Greg Murray doing his weld.

The MELMAC Foundation provided lunch for all students and Fisher employees where students conversed with the Fisher welders about the morning. Alex and Austin both complemented many of the students for their work. In fact at the end of the two days, Alex commented about how many of the second year students were hirable.

The results of the competition in the first year class was: Gavin Clark (1st), Magnolia Simmons (2nd), and Aaron Heald (3rd).

In the second year class the standings were: Zakk Davis (1st), Mikayla Tolman (2nd), and Hailey Jones (3rd). 

Following this event, Kristy Hastings, Student Services Coordinator at Mid-Coast School of Technology and Mary Watson, senior HR representative, are excited to announce the creation of several apprenticeship opportunities for Mid-Coast students during or after school.