2020-21 In-House SkillsUSA Competitions

SkillsUSA is a national student organization focused on skills and leadership.  It helps to connect students, teachers, and industry professionals to help build a better workforce. Every year Mid-Coast, lead by Advisors Mr. Soards and Ms. Wooster, holds In-House competitions for a wide variety of skill and leadership contests.  These winners have the opportunity to practice and get feedback from judges prior to competing at the state level.  In a typical year, these In-House contests are held in the evening  and open to the public.  And Mid-Coast sends approximately 50 students a year to the state competition.  And winners from there have the chance to attend the National Leadership and Skills Conference.  Annually, Mid-Coast also sends multiple students and teachers to that conference.

However, like all things this year, a change needed to occur.  We could not open our doors to the public for an evening contest, so Mr. Soards and Ms. Wooster did a lot of creating thinking and planning and held the contests within the classrooms during the day.

Changing the timing had a significant impact on our competitions this year.  Students across the building for two days were busy working independently on their competitions.  Teachers created contests similar to the ones they would have, but with more contestants.  They prompted the students on the terms of the project they were to work on and how they would be judged.  The judging is not only on the product they create, but also the safety measures they take and any presentation that is needed.

The hum in the building with energy was exciting.  Students were busy showing the skills and knowledge that they have learned so far this year without assistance from their teachers.  Congratulations to all students who participated!